Tubolar - 1260 gr/couple
Tyre - 1520 gr/couple

Carbon wheels for tubolars with differentiated profiles

Fantastic Road Carbon racing wheels, designed to provide pure performances along with an elegant and aggressive look.  Perfect for demanding riders who are looking to improve their performances.
With differentiated profiles, the CARBON DIVA are designed to give the best in mixed routes, offering smooth and responsive action with maximum power transmission.
The 39mm front wheel profile due to high manufacturing precision is perfect to provide agility and drive accuracy, 50mm rear profile wheel instead ensures a perfect power transmission on rear wheel and action fluidity.
Extremely high lateral wheel stiffness and reactivity,  the advantages are already noticeable at medium speeds, ensuring progression and stability even at high speeds.
Hand built in Italy by highly experienced operators, CARBON DIVA racing wheels offer performances at the top of the market along with reliability.



Technical characteristics

  • Weight (pair):
    1260 gr (tubolar)
    1520 gr (tyre)
  • Internal differentiated Fiber Carbon layers to ensure structural stability and stiffness.
  • Inner Titanium reinforced layer to provide the best construction precision.
  • Inner Structural special composite to provide maximum vibration absorption and mechanical resistance.
  • Nipples contact surface with radial support to improve nipples position during truing.
  • Rim building process to improve peripheral weight balance.
  • Rim’s width 23/25mm.
  • Suitable for tubolar tires 23 and 25 mm.
  • Clincher Version Available
  • Aero Straight Pull spokes 0,9mm.
  • Lightweight Alloy Nipples to reduce peripheral weight.
  • Front wheel lacing 20 x Radial.
  • Rear wheel lacing 24×2 (DS) and Radial (NDS).
  • High-precision Hub bearings (ceramic upon request).
  • Full Ergal body Hubs with oversized flanges for the best structural stability in all situations – Black color body.
  • Free Wheel rubber O-ring for dust and water protection.
  • 3 internal Pawls oversized groups for optimal stability and grip.
  • Super-Lightweight Internal Hub axle.
  • Hand built in Italy, accuracy and quality guaranteed.
  • For Shimano/Sram 10/11V e Campagnolo
  • Weight:
    Front 490gr
    Rear 670gr
  • Max rider weight 100KG

Available colors